What the Puft!?!

Have you had enough of my Ghostbusters posts yet? Well I’m not even tired. With Ghostbusters hitting its 25th anniversary last year everyone’s celebrating. We’ve had a video game, comic books, 2, 6 and 12 inch tall action figures, t-shirts galore, and of course, food products. I just opened my tin of Slimer Sours I bought last Friday and expecting to find some nastily sour candies I instead got tiny pieces of Slimer-shaped chalk with a slight watermelon flavor. I’m not a fan of sour candy but when something has the word sour in its name I’m expecting some sort of foul taste. This sin’t the first time I’ve been disappointed in some of the newer Ghostbusters products; I’ve also tried the Ghostbusters ectoplasm energy drink. Energy drinks are another thing I’ve never gotten into so I wasn’t a big fan of this product either. To me it tasted like every other energy drink I’ve ever had.

What happened to all the great Ghostbusters foods I grew up with? Not only did we have that amazing Ghostbusters cereal (which was pretty much Froot Loops with marshmallows) but also the widely popular and long lasting Hi-C Ecto Cooler!! Ecto Cooler was such a great drink that it outlasted the Real Ghostbusters TV show by nearly 10 years. It even has its own subsection on the Hi-C wikipedia entry. I understand that now, instead of marketing to children, these newer products are being aimed at adults but that doesn’t mean quality should be sacrificed. In defense of the manufacturers, though, these are produced as specialty items and not food stuffs and in the end anything with the Ghostbusters label on it is only a way of moving product into the hands of hardcore fans or a throwback to people’s childhoods. But I’d still like it better if my childhood loves were handled better.

And then there’s the untested:

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