Why Christian Music Needs To Grow Up

It seems like Christian music is only marketed to teenagers and soccer moms. Yes it may be that they are the only ones buying it but that could be because there isn’t much available for those of us between the ages of 21 and 35. I hardly see anything appealing walking down the aisles of a Christian book store. My choices seem limited to pop rock with distorted vocals and synthesizers, unnecessarily in-your-face hip hop lyrics, or piano driven adult contemporary. None of which offer much in lyrical content. I understand that as a business a record label needs to sign bands that sell albums but the main reason I’m not buying is because there is nothing of interest to buy. There are whole shelves of books directed at my age group but I can’t read in the car, when I run, while writing, or when I just want to lay in bed and stare out the window. What I find supremely lacking in, not only Christian music but Christians as a whole, is lyrics, or conversations, that represent this all too real life we’re living in. Its gotten to the point where it isn’t the quality of music that drives me away but the lyrical content. (The only excuse I accept is worship music’s need to have widely acceptable lyrics.) The woeful lyrics of heartache coming from these pop rock and emo core albums no longer carry the emotions we feel as we’ve grown older. Gone are the days of high school romances and summer flings. The feeling of when a real, long term relationship ends holds nothing to being shot down by a teenage crush. We’re trying to find jobs, pay off student loans, question commitment, start families, and hope that we don’t have to move back in with our own. We’ve moved on from trying to find and define ourselves to trying to adapt to this life that we’ve found ourselves in. Where are all the songs about real life?

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