Creationism In The Classroom?

As a Christian I believe the truth that is told through the Bible but as an American I stand by the freedom of, or freedom from, religion allowed in our Constitution. Like many Christians I accept the (literal or literary) creation story recorded in Genesis but unlike many outspoken Christians I do not think that Creation should be taught in public schools. I strongly believe that this is a violation of the religious freedom promised in the first amendment. I often hear of outrage from Christians over the teaching of evolution in public schools and their desire to have the idea of Creation tacked onto the curriculum. This is what I don’t understand: if someone disagrees with a teaching so much why do they offer an alternative to be taught alongside it? Would it not be easier to pull evolution from textbooks than to add Creationism? I am often told of the holes in popular evolutionary theories (which I refuse to go into because, honestly, Evolution vs. Creation does not interest me at all) but never hear of any practical movement to prove such holes and remove evolution teachings from schools. Whether evolution stays or goes doesn’t matter to me. What matters is how I see Christians represent the church in unappealing ways whether it be ignorant, inclusive, or just downright mean. We need to remember that as we represent Christ we need to be accepting of others and their beliefs. We also need to remember that the country that we choose to live in offers freedom and we need to respect that freedom. Just as many of us would be outraged if our students were to be taught the religious practices we don’t live by we must too not force what we see as true onto others.

2 thoughts on “Creationism In The Classroom?

  1. Why not go over evolution along with all other major religious creation stories. I know that might sound unrealistic to put all that information into a curriculum but freedom of religion should not mean absence of religion. it should mean acceptance. So education of different beliefs (including evolution) should not upset us. Whatever you believe in your head is fine. But students should not reject the information alone.

    1. Social studies and geography courses do go over comparative religion. I’m not saying that students shouldn’t be learning about religion. Acceptance is a very important thing that everyone (Christians especially) need to learn. What I’m specifically seeing is other Christians wanting Biblical Creationism taught in biology classes alongside evolution. This seems to be pushing one religion in favor of the others. Like I mentioned, I’m neither ‘for’ nor ‘against’ the removal of evolution from the curriculum. Its not my field of interest. How Christians present themselves is.

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