All The Die Radio Die Songs I Have [UPDATED]

UPDATE:: Thanks to @jeffmicklos for sending me a link with the Chad Widowmaker demo. It sounds like an acoustic version of the old Life Is Beautiful intro. Kind of a letdown after searching for the song for so long but at least I have it in the collection now. I’ve been told that the U2 cover isn’t officially Die Radio Die but I’ve chosen to leave it in the download because I got it in a torrent with several other of their songs and I’ve always known that CHRISCHADPARTYCRASHER was just some of the guys fooling around but seeing as it was a download from the old Die Radio Die forums and its a pretty fun song I’ve left that one attached as well.

Die Radio Die was not a band whose members I knew and hung out with nor was it a band I saw once and the obsessively followed from show to show. The truth is that I’ve never seen Die Radio Die and I don’t know anyone who has. A buddy of mine returned from Oklahoma one summer with tales of this band that he heard of from a friend of his and he would constantly be singing this song, The Chase. That was the first I had heard of Die Radio Die and, with a two hour break between my classes, I would learn much more. was in full swing and every independent band everywhere was giving away its music in hopes of building a bigger fanbase. This was pre-Purevolume/MySpace popularity. Fans were still meeting on band websites and forums, always on the lookout for new music and is where we got it from. The majority of the Die Radio Die songs I have originally came from there (with a few from Kazaa) and its a miracle those mp3s still exist in my possession. They’ve survived 3 different computers and countless burnt CDs, scratched, broken, and lost. Having not experienced Die Radio Die in person I took most knowledge of what songs were what on faith.

What bothers me the most is the lack of internet coverage this band has. From what I’ve picked from the general fan vibe, these guys were beloved for their music yet almost no info on them exists online except for countless lyric pages. While they may not sound like much to the new listener, Die Radio Die’s songs came out at the height of this style of music when emo rock was being recognized as something more than a post-grunge experiment and people were latching on. It has its many flaws but attached to these songs are memories: of growing up, friendships gained and lost, and the discovery of even more music. This appeared some time back giving an interesting second hand look at the band and piqued my interest in finding more songs that I knew had been missing. In my search I noticed many people mentioning that they had a song or four laying around or had lost their physical copies and I thought to myself, “I have more than four songs (17 to be exact), maybe I can help.” So here are almost all of the songs that I have. iTunes and Amazon have a different version of New England Sunrise released on a Militia Group sampler called Stepping Stones Volume 1: The Best Bands You Have Never Heard. My problem now is that I’m a sucker for sorting and organization and would love to know what songs are part of Die Radio Die’s first EP so any help would be greatly appreciated. Also if there are songs that I am missing I would love to be told what they are and, if you have them, would like copies to add to this collection.

>>DOWNLOAD Die Radio Die

New England Sunrise from Stepping
Stone V:1 The Best Bands You Have Never Heard

Almanac: Die Radio Die

17 thoughts on “All The Die Radio Die Songs I Have [UPDATED]

  1. dude thanks for these! i’ve been trying to find their stuff again for so long. i used to have a bunch of it but mine didn’t survive the computer crashes of the early 2000s.

    CHRISCHADPARTYCRASHER was just a song that Chris and Chad recorded messing around. its not an actual DRD song. the Chad Widowmaker demo is a different song.

    1. Thanks for the info. I’ve also heard that the U2 cover is not them but left in because it came in a DRD torrent I downloaded a while back. There’s only so much that I can learn about Die Radio Die out here in Texas. Hopefully, one day, I’ll find the Chris Widowmaker demo and any other songs I’m missing.

  2. Oh man. I’m not saying anything new here, but I’ve been looking for Die Radio Die stuff on and off for a *really* long time. I lost all my songs many hard drive crashes ago. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I’d been feeling all nostalgic this morning music listening to As Soon As Beauty Dies on YouTube. So excited to have found this page. 😀

  3. i love dieradiodie. had seen them about 15 times back when they were around. sad how they all dismembered, i was friends with some of the guys way back then. best live show i’ve ever been too. i had them on a vhs i lost. it was dieradiodie noise ratchet, cool hand luke and the beautiful mistake. the best show i ever attended.

  4. I never saw them, but I’ve got an organized collection of 14 tracks grouped into the three official EPs/demos (DanceDiscoDance, Headstock/Heart Attack, 2003 Demo) and what I’ve grouped together as The Lost Recordings if anyone wants them.

    I wish they’d released more….

  5. i was very fortunate to have seen them multiple times during my high school years from la mirada, ca. watching this band, and many other bands that played with them locally (slow coming day, divine alliance, vertigo) is what gave me the desire to play guitar at age 16. the lead singer had this wicked mullet. unforgettable! the youth group i was a part of even got to book them for an event! the bass player and the guitar players used to knock each other down with the headstock of their instruments and they still played their parts laying on the floor! they had these massive peavey amps with a face sticker covering it but the eyes were cut out so you could see when the eyes were green it was a clean tone and when they were red it was a distorted tone, so cool. the drummer also liked to play with out shoes, i think it was a comfort thing. i hope you enjoyed these memories as much as i do.

  6. Thank you! My brother, who had seen them and had the EP, gave me their music which he put on my iPod, but then it died a year or two after. I was able to only recover Life is Beautiful. For 8 or 9 years I’ve been looking! I uploaded the zip to my website

  7. A little something from Mr. Wood about why the band broke up:

    we tried to keep it together but the vision of music had changed so much between the individual members. some wanted this and others wanted that. there wasnt any fighting, just a lack of enthusiasm and focus. once we had moved on, it was easy to see that it was meant to be. there is much to be learned in life that music cannot teach you.

    Brent Wood the lead singer from dieradiodie still records music:

  8. This is awesome! This was on repeat for me all through college, and Ive never been able to find them again. Thanks for sharing your collection, much appreciated!

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