Fatally Far From Reality

I haven’t written much these past few weeks and it has been discouraging as I’ve drifted farther and farther from the words that I wish to write but I believe I have found the assailant who took off with my inspirations. It must have been me! My words have been tangled in the adventurous fiction that I have been reading and watching on TV and, though there is nothing wrong with these stories, I’m not being fed the inspiring words that keep my fingers moving. It took me picking up a passage by Dan Allender describing God’s presence on Earth, revealing his family’s habits, and discussing the joys of the Sabbath to kick me out of my mental dryness. Words flowing in poetry was what I needed as a reminder that too much of a good thing can kill me. So now I’ve rearranged my read pile, giving my tales of adventure and wonder a break as I make room for a necessary diversity. Maybe some more reading on the Sabbath, maybe some Chekhov or the new Lauren Winner book before I get back to the lost in time adventures of the Nantucket islanders or finally read Dune. I love science fiction but if my thoughts are always wrapped up in a piece of pure entertainment then my mind will drift fatally far from reality.

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