I am constantly rearranging my priorities when it comes to what I want to work on next. Some things that I plan on being short stories end up longer, some projects miraculously get merged into a single stories, and my desire to write exciting, fun adventure stories gets sidelined for the more emotional character driven pieces. That last one shouldn’t come as much of a surprise seeing that that is what I prefer to read and watch it’s just that the fun stories are more of an escape that doesn’t involve the sometimes scary world of introspection. So today I wrote about flying.

Flying is a lot more like scuba diving than parasailing. It takes work. It takes muscles you didn’t even know you had. But it’s calming. I mean, as long as you’re wearing earmuffs. That’s one thing you never hear in those movies- the wind. Imagine the windiest of days. Now imagine going against that wind. At almost 100 miles an hour. It. Is. Loud. Yet oddly calming. All you hear is the muffled sounds of the air rushing past you. No street sounds or the cacophony of crowds. Just you, the clouds, and the brightest you’ll ever see the sun. Another thing left out of those movies. But I guess the hero doesn’t look as cool with giant sunglasses and earmuffs. Well, maybe the sunglasses (I’m looking at you, RDJ).

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